AJIRI is a creative services firm that specializes in the planning, design and development of business to business and business to consumer websites. In addition, we offer integrated logo design and corporate identity consulting services. We help clients plan and create websites that will enhance their competitiveness, further their brand and produce measurable results.


I would like to thank Ajiri.com for creating such a professional and creative webpage for displaying my Artwork. This company created a webpage with great style and beautiful graphics that I have not been able to find anywhere else. I cannot thank Ajiri.com enough for giving me a great jumpstart. They were able to work with me with such ease. I have received so many compliments on this webpage. I highly recommend this company for anyone serious about their business. I can not thank them enough.

Gustavo Reynoso - Artist


The Ajiri group has allowed me to showcase my artworks in a professional manner. I have received several good comments about the layout and the continuity of the work. In creating my works for 21 years, my artwork is extremely serious to me. Therefore I needed someone who respected my expression in what I am trying to convey. I found myself to feel comfortable and trusting of AJIRI to incorporate this with his vision. I am extremely pleased with the collaboration. Alas I continue to the next page of my growth! The Ajiri Group is a incredible mix of vision, passion and professionalism!
Thank you Ajiri Group,

Yolanda Gonzalez - Artist


The first thing you notice about any website The Ajiri Group designs is that it STANDS OUT! As I studied each site, I was continually amazed at how distinctly professional they looked, how functional and useful they performed, and how VIBRANT and ALIVE they felt. My website, ErnieG.com, already had a reputation in the Stand-Up Comedy world as one THE top comedian websites on the net. As other comics got smart, and began realizing the marketing power of a well-designed website, they started hiring slick, young web designers to design these 'over the top' high-tech sites, in an attempt to 'out do' my site. Soon enough, my website became just another face in the crowd. I needed to re-invent myself and take my entire Internet image, concept, and package to the 'next level.' I hired The Ajiri Group, and they transformed, re-designed, and re-DEFINED my entire site, and elevated ErnieG.com to an entirely new level! I consistently receive compliments, recognition and acclaim for the design and layout of my new website, and I owe it all to The Ajiri Group. Thank You for helping me take my career, and my website, to that proverbial next level!

Ernie G - Latino Comedian



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